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Yoga & Mental Fitness coaching

Breathe * Relax * Ground

"It's not about touching your toes.
It's about what you learn on the way down."
Mental fitness coaching

Mental Fitness Coaching

Discover your hidden saboteurs and unlock your potential


With a powerful technique we go to the root of what is holding you back, and create new pathways in the brain for long-lasting change.


Bring Yoga to your work place


Yoga helps you reduce anxiety and stress, increase energy, improve concentration and sleep. 

Become more productive, releive head-, neck- and back pain. Improve focus, memory and decision making

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga
online yoga classes

Hatha or Yin Yoga

classes on Zoom from wherever you are. Suitable for all levels. 

The classes are 1 hour


Schedule is available on my FB page.

Online Yoga Classes

One on one 


Deepen your practice and improve alignment with personal attention 

Work on specific goals while practicing from your home

Private Yoga Sessions

private yoga sessions
yoga in nature

Karolina Nilsson has taught Yoga globally for many years. She cares

about sharing her knowledge and helping people find health

and happiness within themselves.

She has a broad knowledge and works both with company health

and individuals.

She can accommodate the needs of the workplace and tailor the

classes according to your level.




Erin Young

Karolina has been the best teacher I could have asked for. Kind, patient, accommodating, caring, knowledgeable, has true integrity and embodies her practice.


Joanne Schimanski

Karolina was very clear in her instructions in that I could close my eyes and respond to her verbal instructions, thus shutting the world away for that brief period

Nita Nagel

It was an absolute pleasure to have been taught by you Karolina. This was my first introduction to yoga and it was such a lovely, gentle and natural process.


I love that you really accepted us all for where we were at on any given day and that you adapted your classes to our needs.



Karolina Nilsson Yoga

Whatsapp: +46 76 833 9684


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