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About Karolina Nilsson Yoga

Karolina Nilsson Yoga

Karolina Nilsson is a Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist and Artist.


Karolina has practiced yoga for over 15 years. She has studied Yoga and ayurveda in Nepal, India, Denmark and New Zealand,. Since her first encounter with the practice, her life turned into a journey of self transformation.

The search for truth has always been present in her life and through yoga she found a way to connect to the true meaning of our existence.


She has a background in the circus arts and furniture making and loves to share the circus skills with children. 


Her path has led her to many remote parts of the world where she has developed a passion for helping others reconnect with their authentic self. 


2023           Mental fitness coaching training - Positive Intelligence, USA

2022           Synergy Yoga retreat, Amara Valley, Spain

2021            Yoga teacher at Koukoulee Yoga studio - New Zealand

2020           Corporate Yoga teacher, New Zealand

2018            Yoga teacher at Wellness Yoga, France

2018            Corporate Yoga teacher, France

2017             Yoga Therapy teacher training - Tantravaya, Denmark

2017             10 day meditation retreat - Kopan Monastery, Nepal 

2016-2017    Yoga teacher at Pranamaya Yoga studio, Nepal

2016-2017    Yoga teacher at Sooraya Wellness centre, Nepal 

2016            Kundalini Yoga for children course- Nepal

2015            10 days silent mediation retreat - Vipassana, India

2015            Hatha Yoga teacher training - Samyak Yoga, India

2015            Acupressure and Chinese medicine course - Sweden

2014            10 days silent mediation retreat - Vipassana, Sweden

2012            Course in EFT - tapping, New Zealand

2010            Course in self-hypnosis, New Zealand

2007           10 days silent meditation retreat - VIpassana, Australia

2006           Started taking yoga classes - Thailand, Australia, New Zealand

2006           Buddhist immersion - Wat U Mong Monastery, Thailand

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